ONUS Covid-19 Statement

Coronavirus Update for Onus

Whilst government messages are encouraging everyone to stay home for their safety and in an attempt to delay Covid-19 cases, we are aware that not everyone’s home is a safe place. 

Additionally, emerging data is reflecting the concern of police and domestic abuse services that domestic abuse will in fact escalate during this period of social distancing and self isolation.

Services are still open and are working to rapidly adjust how they can continue to respond to individuals experiencing abuse at home. 

At a time when many employees are working from home, we would ask you as a Safe Employer to inform staff that these services are still operating and to take care of themselves in this way too. 

Whilst we have postponed our training provision due to the current situation with Covid-19, Onus staff will be available if you have any concerns or queries on supporting your staff with any domestic abuse concerns at this very difficult time.  We will also be continuing to update and develop resources. 

Our mobile numbers are:       Colette            07521 726136

                                                Lindsay            07599 311 355

                                                Josephine:      07701 388735

We are looking forward to seeing you again in future and hope everyone stays safe.