Partnership working

Onus recognised that it could not meet the increased demand for participation in the WPC Award scheme.  Employers and organisations are becoming more aware for the need to provide strategic support for victims of domestic violence and see value (commercial and social) in implementing the Onus WPC Award scheme.

For this reason Onus seeked to partner with organisations with an ethos and values that are strategically aligned with Onus to deliver the Safe Place element of the WPC on a partnership basis through a geographical Safe Place partnership.

Within the Safe Place Partnership Agreement the Safe Place Partner organisation has the authority to offer training and consultancy and assessment leading to the accreditation of the WPC Safe Place Award within their region thereby increasing the visibility of support for victims of domestic violence.  A Safe Place partner has exclusive rights to deliver the Safe Place programme with all organisations whose main activity is based within their geographical region.

Onus entered into Safe Place Partnership agreements with 3 organisations who share our Safe Place vision and who actively encourage others to:

  • Support the Safe Place Campaign Pledge: never to commit, condone or stay silen about domestic violence
  • Acknowledge domestic violence is a problem that impacts on all of us as a society, and be prepared to play your part in supporting victims and sending a clear message to perpetrators that domestic violence is intolerable
  • Provide a Safe Place for victims of domestic violence to confidentially access information.

Onus recognises that partnership working with experts will not only enhance opportunity for further understanding and development amongst agencies, but will also provide the best possiblemeans to extent the Safe Place message to anyone who may need support.