Northern Domestic and Sexual Violence Partnership

Who we are?

The Northern Domestic and Sexual Violence Partnership (NDSVP) is a multi-agency partnership comprised of local statutory and voluntary organisations which provide services to victims of domestic and sexual violence and/or abuse. Collectively we are tasked by the Regional Steering Group on domestic and sexual violence to deliver an action plan against the Government’s “Stopping Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse in Northern Ireland’ strategy. Onus provide Partnership support to the Northern Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership.

What NDSVP do?

It is well known that many people who live with Domestic or sexual Abuse, struggle to access the type of support and services best suited to their individual needs. We also know that individuals, communities and organisations need additional information to help them recognise signs of domestic and/or sexual abuse and to signpost individuals to the right support.

With this in mind we have developed ‘The Bigger Picture’ – a resource manual which outlines and signposts to a wide range of services and support available to people living with domestic or sexual abuse in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) area.

How can NDSVP help?

It is our overarching aim that through effective partnership working we can improve the lives of individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence and/or abuse living in our area.

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Onus provide partnership support to The Northern Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership, any queries please contact us at