How you can become a Safe Church

Empowering Churches to Safeguard Children and Adults

Safe Church, First All Ireland Cinnamon Recognised Project.

The Safe Church Initiative was developed by Onus to empower churches to recognise and respond to Domestic Violence and Abuse both within the church and wider community context. As a Cinnamon Recognised Project, Safe Church offers churches a best practice, tested methodology for helping people in their community. This helps local church based projects to both start faster and succeed sooner.

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  1. We will support the Safe Place Campaign Pledge: never to commit, condone or stay silent about domestic violence or abuse.
  2. We will acknowledge that domestic violence or abuse are problems that impact on all of us as a society, and will be prepared to play our part in supporting anyone affected.
  3. We will provide a Safe Place for anyone affected by domestic violence or abuse to confidentially access information.
  4. We will effectively respond to disclosures of abuse and support anyone affected to access support. (Mandatory 2 tiers of Safe Church training)
  5. We will raise awareness within the Church that there are no excuses for acts of domestic violence or abuse.
  6. We will commit to raising awareness about the support available for anyone affected by domestic violence or abuse and work in partnership with other organisations to ensure best practice.


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